Does Your Business Phone System Ring True?

Posted on: 3 August 2015

As a small business owner, you probably learned from the beginning to economize and make do with what was freely available. Bootstrapping, as it's called, is a highly admirable way to start a business when funds are almost non-existent. Once your business is up and running, however, it's time to upgrade your operating systems, and your business phone system is a good place to start.

Choose an Expandable System

Try not to focus too much on your current needs, and instead focus on your anticipated future needs. It's likely that you're looking forward to hiring more staff as your business grows. Each staff member will likely need their own phone. An expandable phone system would have a base, along with the capacity to add as many handhelds as needed. Make sure you buy a system with either unlimited handhelds expansion, or a number that vastly exceeds your current needs. Phone systems are a pricey investment, so the longer your choice can serve your growing needs, the better.

Choose a System With Multiple Lines Capability

Your incoming calls may not phase a switchboard operator right now, but as your business endeavor gains in popularity, it will be more important than ever to manage your call capacity. The last thing you want is to have customers get a busy signal and call your competitor instead.

Choose a system with multiple lines capacity, even if all you need right now is one incoming line. Don't rely on your phone utility provider to offer one or two second lines. The multiple lines capacity should include physical separate light up buttons to help your receptionist route the calls to the correct handset extensions.  

Choose a Company With Upgradable Services

Many business phone sellers offer upgradable services. That is, since there are always new and upcoming small businesses that don't need robust phone systems, your business phone seller may offer certain trade-in offers. If possible, choose a company with easy upgrade services so when your business is ready to expand to the next level of phone system, you can get a small credit toward the larger system.

Don't put off the purchase of a business phone system. Trying to get by with a phone designed for residential purposes will only set your new company back in terms of the services you can offer to your customers. The sooner you invest in a comprehensive business phone system, maybe from a place like Livewire Communications, the sooner your phones will be ringing off the hook.