3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your Unused Ipv4 Blocks

Posted on: 12 May 2016

Many businesses have already made the switch to IPv6. Some others have hybrid solutions in play. In both cases, it's possible there are some IPv4 address blocks sitting there, unused. If you have any of that address space available, you should consider selling it. Here's why.

1. Many Businesses are Desperate for IPv4 Addresses

Many businesses out there still make heavy use of IPv4 address space. Sometimes, they literally have no choice. ARIN isn't handing out any new blocks, so these businesses must seek out other avenues to procure them. In short, it's a seller's market when it comes to IPv4 blocks.

You don't even have to sell your blocks; you can lease the address space or work out other deals. In any case, it's a means for you to add an extra stream of revenue to your business with address space you're not using anyway.

Keep in mind that even a small /24 block can keep a small business afloat for years. Then there are businesses that rely on IPv4 and don't have the resources to move on to IPv6. If these businesses are still growing, then they will need more IPv4 blocks by necessity.

2. Your IPv4 Blocks Have a Shelf Life

Another good reason to sell is because IPv4 will eventually cease to exist. There's time, but the plan is to phase it out altogether. That means the ability to sell them or lease them will lessen as time goes by.

The IPv6 adoption rate is nowhere near where it should be, but that will gradually change over time. That means there will come a time when your address blocks will have more value or less. Getting started with selling or leasing them now will put you in a good position to take as much advantage of them as you can going forward.

3. Your IPv4 Blocks Can Aid Market Growth

Your unused address blocks can mean a lot to a startup, app developer, or any new business. They won't be able to receive any blocks from ARIN. They may not have the means to convert everything they use to IPv6 to start with. They will need someone like you to help them start or grow their business.

Your address blocks can play a pivotal role in another company's success. And since you're not using them anyway, it's a situation that can't hurt your business. It can only improve the image of your company while also adding that aforementioned revenue stream.

Find an IPv4 Broker that Can Help You Make Use of Your Blocks

If selling or leasing your IPv4 blocks sounds like something that can benefit your business, you should start with an IPv4 broker. Brokers facilitate the process of buying and selling address space between interested parties. For more information, visit IPTrading.com or a similar website.