Things To Confirm When Buying Used Office Furniture

Posted on: 11 October 2016

When you're tasked with supplying the furniture for your workplace, it's advantageous to browse the used market. Doing so can save you a significant amount of money compared with shopping for new furniture, and you'll often find items that hardly look as though they've been used. It's important to take your business to a reputable seller that only puts items that are in good condition up for sale. Whether you're shopping in person or looking online for the used furniture items that you'll need, here are some important things to confirm.

Discounts For Bulk Purchases

Many stores will offer their customers a per-unit price reduction upon buying a certain number of furniture pieces. This is common when buying new products, given that the retailer will simply place a large order with the distributor and have the items shipped to your location. When you're buying used furniture, it's worthwhile to ask about getting a discount for buying in bulk. Depending on the retailer's inventory, it may be able to offer you a price reduction if you buy a certain number of items, which can further help you save money.

Warranty Policy

Ideally, each piece of furniture that you buy will be in tip-top shape, even if it's used. However, it's always a good idea to confirm if the furniture retailer has a warranty policy for its used products, as you'll want to be able to exchange anything that might not be in the shape you need for your workplace. (Many used retailers will have items in different conditions to suit people with varied budgets.) This is especially important if you're shopping online; if you shop in person, you'll have an opportunity to thoroughly go over each of the pieces that you're buying and make sure that the condition of each piece of furniture meets your expectations.


When you buy a large order of new furniture that is shipped from the distributor, you'll have the items arrive at your facility. However, if you're buying used items directly from a retailer, you'll want to ask about delivery. Unless you have access to a truck, it might not be practical for you to buy the furniture and transport it yourself — especially if you're buying enough items to furnish an entire workplace. Confirm the retailer's delivery policy. In many cases, buying a certain amount of furniture will make you eligible for discounted or even free shipping.

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