Clearing Out Clogged Pipes And Drains Once And For All - 4 Ways To Do It Fast

Posted on: 4 February 2017

You can use a plunger and even pour copious amounts of commercial grade drain cleaner down your pipes, but if your plumbing system is severely clogged, none of these solutions are going to provide permanent results. Having drains that you have to repeatedly clear is burdensome, and it can even make you apprehensive about inviting guests to your home. Try these four solutions for plumbing systems that keep on getting backed up when you haven't been able to find the source.

1. Use A Barbed Drain Snake - A long, professional drain snake gets to places that normally remain out of reach unless you are dedicated to taking your pipes and fittings apart, piece by piece. It is even better to use a drain snake that has barbed edges, enabling you to break apart clogs that are really packed tight. Note that professional drain snakes are even more effective when paired with pipe camera rentals, so you are able to see what you are doing.

2. Find The Precise Location Of Your Clog - It is definitely easier to say that you are going to find out the root cause of your backed up pipes than actually going about doing it. On the other hand, systematically testing your plumbing system is a fairly sensible way to figure out where there may be a large and virtually immovable clog. If you have a home with more than one story, go to the top floor with a pipe camera and test all of the plumbing there before moving to the lower levels and then finally the basement.

3. Make Sure The Problem Is In Your Pipes - Sometimes drains fail to clear properly because of what is happening outside of your home. Sewers get backed up on occasion after heavy rain, and septic systems can become troublesome, especially if they are filled with grease and sludge. If you have already secured a pipe camera rental and gone through all of the plumbing inside of your home, your drains may be getting backed up because of issues with your cesspool, a septic tank, or even the city sewer.

4. Flush The Main Plumbing Line - Each one of your toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls connect with a single pipe that is larger in diameter than the others, and flows out to the sewer, your septic tank, or cesspool. Having any type of blockage in your main line will cause clogging in other parts of your home's plumbing, making you think that a faulty toilet or old pipes are the culprit when they're really not. Utilizing a pipe camera rental will enable either you or your plumber to visually inspect your plumbing system's main line without needing to take anything apart.

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