Creating A Family Theater Room

Posted on: 16 February 2017

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy movie nights with your family. If you want to improve the experience of family movies nights, you should consider creating a theater room in your house. You can even turn the family room into a theater room by giving it a makeover. For instance, you can change the way the room looks by investing in certain types of furniture and wall art. Take a look at this article for a few suggestions that can help you achieve a nice theater room for your family to watch movies in.

1. Invest in Theater Seating

Although lounging around on regular sofas to enjoy movies with your family can be comfortable, it is not as exciting as having theater seating. The great thing about theater seating that is designed for use in a house is that it is a lot more comfortable than what you find in actual theaters. Theater seating for houses is usually manufactured with more cushioning, and you can also recline in the seats. Some of the seating types have features such as cup holders, lights, and many other things you and your family will enjoy. The furniture is available in different sizes as well, which should make it easy to find something that will fit in your family room.

2. Choose Wall Art that Has a Movie Theme

Getting rid of the typical wall art that is use in a family room is a good idea when creating a theater room. You should replace the art with some that is themed with movie characters and scenes. You can actually purchase wall art that is just like what you can usually see on the walls in movie theaters. However, you can purchase the art in a smaller size to make sure it will look right on your walls. You can really create a theater feel by getting art that has dim lights around the frames.

3. Get a Custom Video System Installed

You can't have a theater experience on family movie night without the right kind of video system. A custom video installation can actually be installed on your behalf to make sure it is able to meet all of your needs. For instance, a projector screen can be installed in the room that will fit perfectly on the wall of your choice. The system will also include a projector, surround sound system, and other features.