5 Signs That You Need A Cyber Security Recruiting Agency's Help

Posted on: 31 March 2023

Cyber security recruiting is a big challenge in hiring. Demand is high and the eligible pool of candidates is small. To thrive in a competitive environment like this, you need to employ every possible resource. Heed these five signs that your organization needs to work with a cyber security staffing agency to meet its requirements.


The inability to retain talent could be a sign of one of two potential problems. First, a firm may be hiring the wrong people, leading to burnout, firing, and quitting. Second, a company could be hiring the top people and then losing them to competitors.

That is a wide range of outcomes, but a cyber security recruiting firm can help you narrow it toward the top end. In many cases, recruiting companies can place candidates in a temp-to-hire position. Once you're sure a candidate is a good fit, you can then offer to bring them onto your staff permanently.

Specialized Skills

Some firms are looking for a needle in the world's largest haystack. Cyber security skills can be hyperspecialized, particularly if you use a less common or very old software stack. The pool of candidates that can harden a 1970s COBOL system for a bank, for example, is shrinking every year due to attrition. A recruiter may be the only way to fill the role.

Growing Internal Threats

An uptick in internal threats is evidence that someone is doing something within an organization. If you're tracing threats to internal sources, there is a massive problem in the recruiting process. Even if only a couple of people are caught, that is too many given the stakes. A cyber security staffing agency can assist companies that are struggling to screen out potential bad actors.

Overwhelmed Staff

Your company could be at the high of the scale in performance and still need a recruiting agency's help. If you have a killer team that's overwhelmed by the volume of work, you may need to call in reinforcements. A cyber security recruiting agency can match skilled candidates to your needs and help you expand your team.

Talent Mismatches

It is often tempting to coach people into jobs when the talent pool is as small as it is in the cyber security field. Worse, many cyber security people are very self-directed individuals who are willing to plug away at the learning process until they get it. It can feel like you're not giving folks enough of a chance, but a company has to know when to move on from team members that just don't fit.

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