Organizational Tips For Processing Your Company's Mail And Reducing Paper Clutter

Posted on: 27 February 2017

If your office seems to be continually buried in paperwork, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many techniques you can use to tackle this problem once and for all. Since a large portion of the paper that enters your office each month comes via the postal service, it is vital that you have a plan for handling your company's mail. To process your business's mail in such a way that it will not pile up on your desk, follow these organizational tips:

Tip: Sort All Incoming Mail Over a Recycling Bin

One of the best habits you can get into is to process your daily mail each day. When the mail arrives, sort it directly over a recycling bin. Any mail that is obviously junk mail, drop it directly into the bin. Sort and file the rest of your mail until it is time to pay bills or otherwise use it.

Tip: Switch to Online Billing and Statements

You can reduce paper clutter and keep your financial information from getting lost in transit by requesting online billing and statements. It is always a good idea to set up a special email address for financial statements and online bills. This will ensure you will still have full access to your company's information if your bookkeeper were to leave your company and delete their email account. 

Tip: Unsubscribe from Catalogue Mailing Lists

If you ordered some new office supplies and now find your mailbox regularly inundated with office supply catalogs and sales flyers, then you should contact them and request they remove your business from their mailing list. Their contact information will be listed on the outside of catalog near your mailing address or on the first page of the publication.

Tip: Switch to Digital Periodicals 

If your business subscribes to magazines and journals specific to your industry that you do not want to stop, then you should switch to their digital issues. Most periodical publishers today offer copies of their publications online to save on mailing and printing costs. By reading your magazines online you will have early access to the material and can keep more paper clutter away from your office. 

Tip: Eliminate Personal Mail

Finally, if you have employees working in your office, then you should ask that they do not have personal mail or packages delivered to them at work. While doing so may seem like it isn't a big deal, it can result in your receiving junk mail in your employee's name for the next decade.

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